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Snowflakes falling to the ground

muffling every little sound.

Sleigh rides, egg nog, Christmas lights

children counting off the nights.

Yuletide logs, some wine, some cake,

carollers keeping Nan awake.

Santa Claus checking off his list

ensuring no one has been missed.

All preparations almost complete,

time now for church, to take your seat.

To celebrate in our time honoured way

'Peace on Earth' this Christmas Day.



           Sounds of Christmas 

     Christmas bells, fairy lights

     Roaring fires, frosty nights

     Soon the winter snows will fall

     Laying a blanket over all.

     Christmas presents

     Christmas fare

     Christmas music to fill the air,

     Happy children, barking dogs

     The sound of a saw

     Cutting logs.

     Christmas sounds

     Of fun and mirth

     Heralding our Saviour's birth,

     Let all God's children

     Lift up their eyes

     To search the Heavens

     And starry skies,

     For a sign in this new Millennium

     Of the promise made

     And of things to come.


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     My Christmas Poem

The tree obtained

 and installed in place,

 Is then dressed with toys

 and light

Santa and his 'helper' gnomes

Make ready for Cristmas night.

The festive board has been


The stockings have been filled

Presents wrapped, lie beneath

the tree

The champagne toast,

is chilled.

It's the birth of Christ

we celebrate

On that night so long ago

That birth was our salvation

Each Christmas reminds us so.

Lay out a present for Jesus

No need to wrap this gift,

Just visit an old person

this Christmas,

Give someone's heart a lift.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved