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  Concepts of Christmas  


Old concepts of Christmas

now differ from years ago

When we used to conjure up

bright fairy lights

and sleigh bells in the snow.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,

yule logs, cut and piled,

Christmas was a magic time

especially for every child.

A wooden soldier, a painted doll

crafted with love, by hand,

A wooden horse which, with imagination

became the fastest in the land.

A pram with rubber tyred wheels

and a hood in case it rained,

For some a little puppy dog

that as yet, was not house-trained.

Simple gifts to be exchanged

with friends on Boxing Day,

Christmas fare to be consumed

and lots of games to play.

Such indeed was Christmas

in those days so long ago,

Carollers carrying lanterns,

sang traditional carols in the snow.

Alas, it is all now memories

those days, those festive times,

Commercialism has killed the spirit

and ruined the pantomimes.

Brand wear, lap-tops, laser toys,

are the demands which now are made,

If one cannot afford the latest fad

one just has not made the grade.

Such are my concepts of Christmas

and this new trend will me outlast,

I think I prefer the good old days,

those days of Christmas Past.


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