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   The Old Man  
  I met a man so very old
I listened to his stories told
Of places he'd been and things he'd done
And I guessed his age at 201

In point of fact this same old man
Had hardly reached life's biblical span
Yet he had lived life every day
To the full, in every way.

And as he spoke of times gone by
I felt inside me some close tie
For this man said a wonderous thing
Of dreams and that which memories bring

Dreams are thoughts on gossomer wing
Memories from our past doth spring,
Today is what makes life worthwhile
Contemplate your past..... and smile.

I heard the words and sat in awe
For now I knew, I was so sure
That this old man had everything
The meaning of life to me he'd bring

The meaning is known within one's soul
We must clear our conscience to reach this goal,
If you can do that simple thing
Life's full meaning with truth will ring.

I stood and turned as if to go
Such wisdom he'd given for me to know
Slowly leaving, but I lingered on
"Go in peace, be good, my son"

Who was this man so very old
Who shared his wisdom in stories told
I now believed the things he'd done
And his knowledge is more than 201.

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The Old Man

Witten in tandem with Marakorpa of Australia.

Roman Orator
Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved