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The Pain In Every Tear


The shadow in my heart does lengthen every day

As the sun in my life sinks beneath the hill.

You have gone, I have a thousand words to say

But they all come out, I love you darling, still.

As I wander through the memories of our past

I feel the warmth of you, so close, and at my side

I thought our love was infinite and it would forever last

Now it haunts me and I know not where to hide.

For that love is now one sided

As it roams in search of you

I know not where to guide it

Far less what you are going through.

I just know my heart is aching

Way down deep inside

Your love was for the taking

Now there's pain in every tear that I have cried.

The shadow in my heart blocks out the light

Cold fingers grip my soul, and chill my bone,

Fond memories share with me my bed at night

But my days are long, now that I am left alone.

I seek the reassurance that only you my love can give

That all is well, in where you now abide

And with that reassurance, I will try my life to live

And the pain that resides within me I shall hide.



The pain in every tear

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