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  Walk Amongst The Stars  

It is written into our Destiny

That we will walk amongst the stars,

Traverse those distant galaxies

So that we may enhance our repertoires.

With the resurrection of the Force

In that stage just after Death

Is a reality, a promise

Not a theological shibboleth.

For we all pass through a check point

Of mortality en route

To a level where our consciousness

With our shapes and forms transmute.

Such change aids our mobility

In our journeys through dark skies,

We become in a sense, all seeing

And by mortal standards, wise.

We become as unfettered as an abstract thought

As free as a cooling desert wind,

Our parameters are boundless

Yet our paths are predestined.

For it is written into our Destiny

That some may walk where once He trod

Remain with Him in perpetuity

Our Saviour, our Lord, our God.






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