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Where Broken Hearts Are Healed

I picture her in my despair

That angelic face and auburn hair

For around that form there is a light

That will guide me through the darkest night.

There is a comfort in her gentle smile

That does ease my pain for a little while

There's reassurance in those eyes

That quell the panic, and pacifies.

I picture her in my hours of need

When the winter nights are long

I pray, for her I shall succeed

And tha my endeavour shall be strong.

I seek her guidance through the power of thought

In all that I say and do,

I relax in her love, her warmth, support,

Albeit spiritual, it's true.

I picture her here by my side

A confidante in whom I confide,

I ask directions through life's maze

And listen closely to what she says.

She bids me to share my earthly love

To give of myself, and to rise above

The prejudice and narrow minds

To cast off the emotional chains that binds.

I picture her as a spirit free

An abstract form of peace

The message that she conveys to me

Is that in Death we find release.

For in that world beyond our ken

New concepts will be revealed

It's a new beginning, not Amen

It's where broken hearts are healed.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved