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A Constitution Restored

On a clean fresh early morning

I set out for my daily walk

It promised to be a fair autumn day

As a light wind began to talk.

It whispered secrets to the trees

And made the flowers bob and sway

It created ripples on the pond

And with a sigh, went on its way.

As the sun rose above the hills

With fingers of golden light,

Commuters fired up their cars

To begin their daily fight.

Reggae music with a bass drum beat

Poured out from every car,

Slamming doors and blaring horns

Could be heard both near and far.


Shattering the peace and tranquility

With their cacophany of noise,

They raced off into the city

To parade in their new toys.

The silence of the early morn

Was restored to the pastoral scene,

I, resumed my daily walk

And enjoyed the air, and those hills of green.


A Constitution Restored

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