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A Mirrored Thought

Staring past my forlorn image

I fell into my tear filled eyes,

Into pools of mysticism,

pools that hold and hypnotise.

Hypnotic scenes confuse my mind,

reflective thought then angers me,

Heavenly eyes are burning brightly,

yet being so blind I cannot see.

Then dark brown eyes encompass me

and warm me in a loving way

Those soft pools of life's reflection,

watching all I do and say.

Those mirrors of remembrance

those orbs of sheer delight

That gaze with love upon me

and watch over me at night.

At times they are full of sorrow,

expressing deep and lasting pain.

Then in a trice they're twinkling,

they are soft and brown again.

I reach out into that mirrored thought

for one more sweet caress

Causing ripples in my reflections,

loose the image, and find distress.

Even now my eyes are brimming

with tears that are tinged with salt

Windmill thoughts run through my mind,

at who's door lies the fault?

I've traced our life together

from the first day that we met

I've relived each loving moment

and yet and yet and yet,

I cannot find a reason

in any single day

Why God in His infinite mercy

Took my darling wife away.

A sweatheart and a mother

with a soul as pure as snow

Was tortured and disfigured,

it's the "WHY" I want to know.

She was the reason for my being,

the beacon of my day,

Without her I am flotsam,

with a lonely role to play.

Returning to the mirror

and the haggard image there

I note how deep the lines are etched,

the fast receding hair,

The puffiness neath dark rimmed eyes,

the pallor of the skin,

Scars of battles fought and lost,

a fight I could not win.

Exhausted and despondent

my body cries for sleep,

I try and rest my tired frame,

but can only lie and weep.

For lonely is this empty house,

and lonelier still my bed,

Even though I lie wherein

once lay my darling's head.

Even now my eyes are brimming

with tear that are tinged with salt

Windmill thoughts run through my mind,

at who's door lies the fault.

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