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A Portrait of my Love


I preserve her beautiful countenance

In the recesses of my mind

A fairer, sweeter, kinder face

I know I shall not find.

I jealously guard that flimsy image

With the very being of my life

And draw comfort as I gaze inwardly

At that picture of my wife.


I fight temptation to distort the shrine

That encompasses her dear face

And draw upon our undying love

To safeguard that cherished place.

It is a place I visit frequently

To gaze silently in awe

Reinforcing each and every feature

That is alas, no more.


I'm not talking glamour

Created by cosmetics and a brush

I'm talking natural beauty

As seen in a robin or a thrush.

I'm talking of natural beauty

Carried with pride, displayed with style

I'm talking of a radiance

Created with a simple smile.


Can you imagine tenderness

Conveyed in a single glance

Coupled with that special look

That hinted at romance,

And all of this so natural

As the sun that shines above

If you can imagine all these things

You'll have a Portrait of my love.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved