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Cabin Folk

I have a virtual cabin situated up in the hills, it is fairly plain, quite simple, with very little frills. But it is a place where mountain folk visit from time to time,so I made it into a wee convenience store, where those folks could spend a dime.

They have a cup of coffe and can sit around and jaw, and by golly they are the friendliest folk that anyone ever saw.Their dialect, it can be strange, a little strident on the ear, but with a little tolerance, their words become quite clear.

The regulars you may have heard of them, Rick O'Shea and Ida Gin, they two have bin a-sparkin even though we know they're kin. Kissing cousin is the common phrase that's bandied here about, they've got four teeth between them, the rest has just falled out.

Gerda Weigh and Cara Van have bin making eyes at Eli Doon, but he's off to marry Ophelia Bottom, she' having his baby soon.
Stan Bye and Vic Tory bin out hunting with the dawgs, whilst Hugh E. Rektion's bin mucking out the hogs.

It is tranquil here at the Cabin, time ain't got no say, 'cos if the work ain't done tomorrow, it'll get done another day. You're welcome should you come on by, to park yersel in a bucket chair, take the weight off your tired feet.... smell that cawfee in the air?                    Gramps BanjoGranny Rocker Jug Man Trio                               Cabin Folks     (Audio)

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