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  Declaration of my Love  

I love the way you arrange your hair

With such simplistic style and grace,

And with the minimum of ease

Highlight your wondrous face.

I love the way those dark brown eyes

Reflect the mirror of your soul

And how that inner peace you have

Never seems to lose control.

I love the gentleness of your smile

That's born deep within your eyes,

The radiance of your charisma

That surpasses Nature's own sunrise.

I love your warmth, your understanding,

Of others and their plight,

I love the presence of you by my side

When we go to bed at night.

I love your genuine interest

In all I say and do

I think I love you most of all,

Just because you're you.

No pretentiousness, no self ego

Just an open heart and mind,

Unbiased to the enth degree

You always spoke as you did find.

A confidante to everyone

Who joined our circle as a friend

A counsellor of distinction

When a rift you had to mend.

I love the care you bestow on me

So unselfish, sincere and true,

There is nothing in this crazy world,

For you I would not do.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved