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Entirely Alone

I am sure we have all been lonely

at sometime in our life,

But I want to speak of lonely

when you've just lost a husband or a wife.

A partnership dissolved

after maybe thirty, forty years,

When there's very few around you

who even knows, or cares.

I want to speak of lonely

when the only sound you hear

Is the persistent clicking of a household clock

that drags you through the year.


I want to speak of lonely

when you know it will never end,

Please, do not confuse lonely

as time waiting for a friend.

Can you imagine lonely

without another human voice,

Can you imagine Christmas, Birthdays,

with whom will you rejoice?

Imagine shortening your waking hours

by staying in your bed,

Because the only voices you will hear

are those voices in your head.


I want to speak of lonely

when you have to cook a meal for one,

The thought of food deserts you

before preparations have begun.

Everything you want to do

was always shared before,

There's no laughter in your household,

there's no singing anymore.

There's only you, and silence,

save for the ticking of that clock

And when you experience such loneliness

it can come as quite a shock.


I want to speak of lonely

when the long day comes to a close,

And when you prepare that sleeping draught

perhaps a little extra dose?

Then softly, softly, you climb the stairs

to face that empty bed,

So that you may lie upon the pillow

that once cradled your partner's head.

Then endless hours of sleeplessness

as your mind re-lives the past,

Until you slip into that abyss of darkness

you are asleep at last.


I want to speak of lonely

when your only contact is in dreams.

Do you really know what lonely is

or only what it seems?

Do you understand the loneliness

of the aged, or bereaved,

Can you understand the suffering

of a soul mate who has grieved?

Do you in your innocence

refrain to think of this,

When all a lonely soul like me requires

is a hug, or perhaps a kiss?



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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved