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I search the heavenly sky at night
Looking for your sweet face,
I watch the moon rise, silvery bright
From our secret viewing place.
I search the stars in that velvet sky
I know most of them by name
A tear forms in my weary eye
And yet, I still play the game.


Remember how we played that game
On those warm and balmy nights?
I play it still, but it is not the same
I have but one star in my sights.
It's the star that sparkles in your eye
It's the love in your impish smile,
It's the warmth I feel when you're near by
It is your charisma and your style.


You are the star that encapsulates
All the love that is within my heart
You are the star from which love emanates
I've known that from the start.
You are the star for which I yearn
You are my beacon and my light,
Your happiness was my sole concern
May our souls once more unite.


May that day be soon my sweet
For I weary for your love.
Then at last when we both can meet,
I know those stars that shine above
Will increase in that dark velvet sky
On a warm and balmy night
We shall be enjoined once more my Gemini
In that pale moon's silvery light.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved