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Thrust deep into the earth by a weather beaten hand

And saturated to a point that enlarged each and every gland

Then contained within an atmosphere of humidity and light,

No parental love, no comfort, just a long depressing fight.

Pushing deep within the earth for sustenance and strength,

Pushing up and outwards and doubling in length.

Finally a breakthrough, as the earth above did part,

Life as a Heliotropium was just about to start.

Tender shoots unfurling and searching for the sun,

In time for the competition, which has only just begun.

Tender care and feeding was the order of the day,

Producing tall green stem, broad green leaf with roots deep within the clay.

Measurements were taken, calculations made,

Precautions put in being, in case green-fly should invade.

A made to measure greenhouse, erected by the keepers,

Was placed there in the garden, near the Virgina Creepers.

Its growth was phenomenal in its quest to find the sun,

A Heliotrope extrodinaire, the competition'won!

But hold, the tale's not over, there's tragedy in Town,

Having searched to find the sun the plant began to crown.

Disaster for the growers of this plant extrodinaire,

For height had been the objective, the reason for the care.

"No matter" cried the keeper with a face all blotched and red,

"We'll change the objectivity and go for the biggest head."


Heliotropium     (Audio)

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