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Jesus Who?

How did you spend Easter, did the holiday do you good?

Did you think of Jesus Christ, or of the things for which He stood

Did you go to any church or chapel, or even pause to pray

Did you remind yourself of His suffering on that eventful day.

Did you hear His strangled cry, when He gave up the Ghost

Did you share the Christian joy of His resurrection by the Host.

Did you listen to that sermon that your priest prepared with care,

Did you feel a certain presence when there wasn't anybody there.

Did His sacrifice for Mankind fall on barren stony ground.

How did you spend this Easter, is your faith still strong, still sound? 


I spent this Easter in my Temple, built in a place deep in my mind

I searched the dark and lonely labyrinths for a peace I did not find.

I called out for reunion with the soul that was my mate,

I listened to the echoes that my anguished cries did create.

I was visited by no one, from this world or the next,

I read, re-read the Bible until I memorised the text.

I remained within my Temple, even though in my mind, I journeyed far,

I took with me her photograph, my light, my burning star.

I 'visited' the family, they all smiled and wished me well,

I spent this Easter in my Temple, enduring the agonies of Hell.


I ask not for your pity, or even comment on my plight,

For now it is a way of life for me, each lonely day and night.

I just asked, "How did you spend your Easter" a question, that is all

Did you spare a thought for Him, did you pray in the church hall,

Did you listen to that sermon,..... it was a political tirade.

Who ordained these politicians, that's how the first mistake was made.

Christ died for us all at Easter, His fate was preordained

By His father, Creator of us all, when our faith in God had waned.

He sacrificed His son for us and we were witnesses to this sight,

So, depending on how you spent your time, have pity on your plight.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved