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  My Gift  

I placed my gift into his hands

All tied with ribbons made up with love,

Having travelled many seas and lands

Guided only by a star above.

It had led me unto a new born child

In a manger filled with straw,

The elements darkened, the wind grew wild

Yet not a zephyr passed through the door.

Deep inside that humble dwelling

Burned an incandescent light,

It was blinding, yet compelling

And in total contrast with the night.

It was inviting and all embracing

There was a love that filled one's soul.

One felt the Spirit, interfacing,

Cleansing the mind, taking control.

This all happened in a moment

As one's eyes fell upon His face

Smiling sweetly quietly recumbent,

One felt baptised by His Holy Grace.

My journey ended, my gift delivered,

I slipped away like a silent wraith.

I had stood before Him and I shivered

As I offered Him my everlasting faith.  


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved