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I am yours forever, exclusively,

and only you can set me free,

Deep in your mind is where I abide

protected from the world outside.

I come the instant that you call

To relive those moments that did enthrall,

That do so now at your command

I am that vehicle to that land

Of days gone by, of thoughts, of deeds,

the instant recall of your needs.

At times I'm sharp and crystal clear,

sometimes I cloud through pain or fear.

I am the guardian of your past,

recording all, down to the last

Details of those days gone by,

what makes you laugh, what makes you cry.


You live the life ordained for you

while I assist and see you through.

I'm always at your beck and call,

for without me you'd have no life at all.

You absorb your world through sight and touch,

it's different with me insomuch

My eye, the window of your soul,

has quite a distinct and different goal.

I encapsulate what those senses miss,

in order that you may reminisce.

I never discard a non-event,

so that you may recall each moment spent,

I record and file and stow away,

all that you see, allthat you say.

The trigger mechanism is down to you,

you do it right, I'll see you through.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved