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Peace is the backdrop

upon which we imprint noise,

Peace is the commodity we all seek

but few enjoys.

Peace is the serenity

that paints a sun washed sky,

Peace for the youngest babe in arms

is in its mother's eye.

Contentment, relaxation,

serenity and love

All attributes of the peace we seek

through the Son of God above.


Elusive and so fragile,

yet always in demand

By each and every one of us

right through-out the land.

Quietude for reflection

after a long and busy day,

Some time to gather up our thoughts,

for some a chance to pray.

A time to stop and listen

to rid our minds of doubt and dark despair,

Time to spend with loved ones

and to show our friends that we do care.


Peace is the unification

of the Spirit with the mind,

The euphoria that exudes from this

is of the Eternal kind.

Harmonious patterns of behaviour

will bring this peace about,

We need to free ourselves from prejudice

of that there is no doubt.

We need to make that voyage of discovery

deep within ourselves,

We need to clear the bias and the vengeance

from off our memory's shelves.


We are wearying ourselves

in the multiplicity of our ways,

We are constantly denying ourselves

by indulging in affrays.

When we can lift our consciousness

through the Power and the mind

Who knows what peace, serenity,

our troubled souls will find?

We can increase our own capacity

to enjoy what this life has in store,

We can find, retain and live in that peace

that we've been searching for.


Peace is not something we have created

it was there before time began,

We are the ones evolving

we must let God live within the man.

We must prepare that inner temple

so that He may take up His abode,

We must pray that life's temptations

do not our resolve, erode.

Let our inner sense of righteousness

govern what we say and do

Then that peace that we've been searching for

will embrace both me and you.




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