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Propriety Decreed


With her words of love singing in my heart

I strolled out into the night,

Propriety decreed that we must part

Even though our parting was not right.

For we had both declared our undying love

When we had stood there, hand in hand,

Bathed in the light of the moon above

On the threshold of a promised land.

We had exchanged that first kiss

Of a new love being born,

We were now experiencing the sheer bliss

Which would be renewed upon the morn.

The daylight hours were ours to share

Whilst in the darkness, we shared our dreams.

We now both had someone for whom we could care

To include in our plans for future schemes.

We had cast off the mantle of sweet innocence

In the time span of a kiss,

Avoided the lures into decadence

By providing time in which to reminisce.

For propriety had decreed it

That we spend some time apart

To banish doubt and permit

This new love, to grow in our heart.

We took this step together

Obeying the rules of propriety

That is why I'm sure our love will weather

The journey on love's tempestuous sea.

With her words of love singing in my heart

I was borne home upon a cloud,

I had found love, this was the start

And I sang those words out loud.

The fire of that sweet first kiss

Did burn for forty years,

The love I had for that charming Miss

Sustained hardship, strife and tears.

Alas, the lass she is no more

For she has gone from me

To prepare a place on another shore

In the realm of Eternity.



Propriety Decreed

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