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Teach Me

Touch me with your body

Share those thoughts that crowd your mind

Warm my heart with that special love

Now that our paths have become entwined.

Teach me how to please you

So that our lives may become enriched

Weave that spell that you weave so well

The spell that has my mind, bewitched.

Share with me your waking hours

So that the dreams I have, ring true.

Help me fill my heart with love

Then share that love with you.

Educate me in your quiet ways

Remove all suspicion from my mind

Teach me control over my wayward tongue

So that I may better serve mankind.

Give unto me your counsel

So that I may better understand

Why truth and love still flourish

In this bigoted land.

Caress me with your soft spoken words

Douse the aggression in my heart

Show me the way to peace and love

That I may be your counterpart.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved