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The Phantom of the Opera


I went to see the "Phantom" a wonderful play indeed

The players gave such a good performance

It would prove difficult to exceed.

The music, the singing, the musical attributes,

The reality of that "Phantom" in the feats he executes.

He's behind you, he's above you,

and then he's there on centre stage,

He demands your full attention

in a war of nerves he does you engage.

He appears as a reflection in the mirror of your mind,

and then that mirror opens

and you are in a world of a different kind.


He transports you through the sewers into his hide-away

It's so realistic, it's so wonderful,

you forget that its a play.

You share with him the heartache of unrequited love,

As you watch the players rehearsing

in the theatre up above.

He is passionate, demanding, demonic in his aim,

All for the sake of one young girl

who's love he cannot claim.

He is cursed with mutilation

and hides his shame behind a mask,

His life is lived in shadowland

creating music is his task.


A sort of Svengali and My Fair Lady

set to music one can but enjoy

He devotes himself to creating her

whilst she loves some other boy.

He involves you, his audience

when he tears down chandeliers,

He has your heart held in his hand,

a slight squeeze can bring forth tears.

You understand his passion, his heartache and his plight

When he tells you his own story in,

"The Music of the Night"

There's not a dry eye in the house as that final curtain falls,

But the "Phantom" reaps his own rewards

with numerous curtain calls.


Yes we gave them standing ovations

for their opera from the past

As each player took their place on stage

we applauded all the cast.

For each of them brought something

and they made that opera, live

They gave everything that was asked of them,

until there was nothing more to give.

A truly marvelous feeling was conceived

of words and music set to plan,

And all this was the brainchild, the inspiration of one man.

To have that gift is indeed a blessing, a blessing to us all,

To set such words to music and watch we,

the audience fill the hall.



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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved