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An Ode to a Kitchen Aide

(The Tin Opener)


Oh ye tool with the hooke-ed claw

Lying there in the kitchen drawer

You have been a friend to me

What shall we have, today, for tea?

Let us scan the cans in the cupboard there

And make our choice from that varied fare,

What would I do if it weren't for thee

To open up these delights for me?

You, coupled with the microwave

In all honesty my life did save,

For in things culinary I have not a clue

Such arts are what I watched others do.

With flour on their nose and hair

They performed such mystic rites with care,

Whilst I stood and watched with an inane grin

The measured ingredients, that they put in.

In that heated hell, which was their domain,

They performed these miracles, time and again.

It's different now there's just you and me

Speed is the essence, when preparing tea.

No planning ahead, no need to know

For those canned delights are stacked in a row.

I just reach into the kitchen drawer

And consult ye the tool with the hook-ed claw.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved