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  Treaty of our Union  

The days are becoming fewer

The time is drawing nigh

When the distance that doth separate us

Will be but the length of a drawn out sigh.

Soon, we shall be together

In love's embrace my sweet,

Dwelling in our own Fantasia

Where as lovers, we kiss and meet.

We shall share that nuptial bed

The foundation of all our dreams

And create for ourselves that happiness

The bedrock of all life's schemes.

Through consultation and consideration

We shall construct for ourselves a life,

Equal partners in this union

When we take those vows as man and wife.

The union we have been seeking

Will come to fruition bye and bye,

And when I take you in my arms

You'll hear the Heavens sigh.

Let this be the Treaty of our Union

The basis for our life,

Let this be our new beginning

In our future, as man and wife.




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