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The Valley of the Shadow

My life was full of light throughout the years with my dear wife

For we lived for one another,  side by side we battled strife.

Our pleasure came from being as one in faith and love

We placed no one below us, nor did we place anyone above.

We 'shared' those wondrous tender years with family and friends,

We 'shared' each day allowed us and every hour that each day sends.

Our love was so immeasurable, its extent it knew no bounds

It encompassed everything around us, bathed us in music and sweet sounds.


Each day our love was reinforced as the night sleep from our eye,

Rejoicing in another day as the sun rose in the sky.

We 'shared' the anticipation of what each new day would bring,

And as that love flowed through us, in duet our hearts would sing.

Every colour had a vividness, yet was soft and pleasing to the eye,

Like snow white clouds just painted on a perfect azure sky.

We lived, we loved, we acted in unison, as one,

It had been so from that first day, the day our happiness had begun.


There were trials, tribulations, as there are in every life,

But we trancended them together as a husband and a wife.

Side by side we battled on and in the end we won the day,

That is until another force thought it fit to take my wife away.

She had contracted Cancer whilst she was still in her prime,

She fought with great determination, but knew she'd very little time.

Her first concern was not for herself, it was for those she'd leave behind,

Such unselfishness, devotion, demanded love of a special kind.


I know, because I shared that love for almost forty years

And in that time it cossetted me and ironed out my cares.

I am left to enter the Valley of the Shadow, will she still be at my side

Will she share with me the grief that I can no longer hide.

Will she be there to guide me as she'd done through-out my life,

In the darkness of the Valley, the despair and accompanying strife.

Who will now walk with her, whilst I battled with my despair,

Would the Power mend our broken hearts and re-unite us as a pair.


Unite us once more in the Spirit, the Spirit of Eternal Love,

For that devotion that we shared was born in Heaven above.

The Valley of the Shadow does cast doubts and cloud my mind,

But I shall search every recess until the exit I do find,

To emerge once more into the light, the light of a 'lonely' day

If only she was by my side I know I'd find the way.

The Valley of the Shadow holds no fears for me you see,

For I know when I have passed through it,

she'll be waiting there for me.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved